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How to Use Your Camera to Find Adventure

Photo by Jesse Stephen If you’re into how how photography can change your life, then you are likely interested in adventure. Adventure photography is a term that brings to mind climbers picking their way up frozen waterfalls and divers lost in watery chambers deep underground. Somebody takes pictures, and that person likely calls themselves (or […]


How Photography Can Change Your Life

Photo by Victor Arnold Question: Is photography a way of living? This might seem like a silly question, especially if you don’t think of photography as an activity in and of itself. Many of us just usually add it onto whatever else we’re doing (quick dude, take my picture). But what if you put photography […]



Why Use Manual Focus On Cameras?

Using manual focus gives you more control over your camera, and greatly increases your chance of success in certain photographic situations. Manual focus puts you in direct control of a camera’s optics. Having this control gives you¬†greater precision when it comes to¬†deciding how the final photograph is going to look. Bottom line: being able to […]

Mountain View

What do photography, adventure, creativity, curiosity, and happiness all have in common? You!

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Da Vinci Does Photography

Got Genius? What you can learn from the maestro, even if he never did actually pick up a camera.
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Knock, Knock…

He Wants YOU. Isn't it about time that the photo-grapher inside of you got a little more attention?
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